"Being Born" Film Screening & Lecture by Nanako Oba

One of the biggest hit documentary movie in Japan will be screening for the first time in Singapore!
If we can say that to our children in every place,
We can create a society where everyone appreciates the value of life...

We are born to love.


350,000 Japanese in tears
One of the biggest hit documentary movie in Japan

1st Show Date 26th September 2014 (Friday)
2nd Show Date 27th September 2014 (Saturday)

  • Time : Open 9:30am ~ / Being Born Film Screening 10:00am~12:00pm (104mins, Japanese with English Subtitles, DVD screening) / Lecture by Nanako Oba 12:00pm ~12:30pm (English InterpreterYoko Yuile)
  • Venue : The Japanese Association Singapore, L3 Auditorium
  • Quota: 200 pax (per day)
  • Eligible Persons: Over 16 years old only [*It is rated NC-16 by Singapore Media Development Authority policy since there is a scene on the process of giving birth. ID check is required at the entrance.]
  • Admission Fee: Adult S$35 / Student Discount S$25 [*For a student rate, Student ID check is required at the entrance.]

第1回上映・講演 2014年9月26日(金)
第2回上映・講演 2014年9月27日(土)

開場 午前9:30~
『うまれる』上映会(英語字幕付)  10:00~12:00
大葉ナナコ 講演会(英語通訳 ユール洋子) 12:00~12:30

会場:シンガポール日本人会館3F オーディトリアム
※出産シーンがあるため、シンガポールではメディア開発庁(Media Development Authority)の規定により、16歳以上の方のみ鑑賞可能となっております。入場に際し、ID確認をさせて頂きますので、予めご了承ください。
入場料:大人 $35 /  学生割引 $25


"BEING BORN (Umareru) "

"Being Born (Umareru)" is a documentary film which captured the trials and joys of four families and their real experiences surrounding "BIRTH". One couple struggles to come to grips with becoming parents because of their own childhood experience with parental abuse and strife. A couple lost their child on the day of delivery, while another couple has accepted a childless life after struggling to overcome infertility. And one couple raises an infant with an incurable disability.
This film will make you contemplate the meaning of being born, of being alive, and consider the bonds you have with your parents, your partner, your children, yourself and society.


  • The film takes a wide ranging look at life, including pregnancy and birth but also miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, and disabilities.
  • Parent child relationships and partnerships being empowered by pregnancy and birth are a major theme in the film.
  • Men's role and position in pregnancy and birth are investigated (the director, the narrator and most of the crew are men).
  • Rather than simply celebrating birth, the film helps the viewer reconsider their own fundamental ideas using birth as the catalyst, helping each viewer face their own issues and wash them away through tears and catharsis.


In an effort to reconcile with his parents, the director, Tomo, after learning film-making in Vancouver, Canada, began this project. He hadn't had a normal relationship with his biological parents, perhaps because his challenged brother required a lot of the limited time his parents had. He hadn't felt loved and acknowledged for a long time. When Tomo first heard the idea that the child chooses it's parents to help, to heal or to grow spiritually before he or she is born, he decided to face his destiny.
While working on "Being Born", he met over 100 families and couples and shot countless hours of footage over 2 years of production. Gratitude towards his parents sprang out and their relationship improved drastically.
Before production, Tomo was uninterested in marriage and having children. Yet, in the same month "Being Born" was released, his first daughter was born with the producer of the movie, and he enjoys raising his daughter wholeheartedly. Tomo feels that he himself has grown tremendously in the process of returning to the origin "Being Born."


  • Production year: 2010
  • Screen time: 104 minutes
  • Japanese with English Subtitles
  • Director & Filming: Tomo Goda
  • Producer: Tomoko Ushiyama
  • Narrator: Takeshi Tsuruno
  • Commentators: Nanako Oba, Akira Ikegawa, Koji Samejima, Takashi Okai, Yasuyuki Mio, Tadashi Yoshimura and many more.


Toronto Japanese Film Festival (Audience Choice Award)
Montreal World Film Festival 2010 (Spin-off version)
16th San Antonio Film Festival (Spin-off version)

映画『うまれる』上映会 【英語字幕付き】




トロント・ジャパニーズ映画祭 観客賞受賞

モントリオール世界映画祭2010 入選
第16回サンアントニオ映画祭 入選
よなご映像フェスティバル2010 入選
SAPPOROショートフェスト2010 入選

公式サイト http://umareru.jp/umareru/

Lecture by Nanako Oba
“The things we learnt from once in a 1000 years disaster
– Children after the Great East Japan Earthquake 3.11”

3 and a half years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake of 3.11 2011. Many people who have lost their houses in affected area are still forced to live in small temporally housings. Their houses are now under construction to raise the level 2 to 3 meters higher in order to prevent damage from TSUNAMI again. And it's said that it would take 5 more years for people to return completely to their normal lives. The recovery and reconstruction process are still facing tremendous amount of difficulties.

Nanako Oba, who is a director of Life & Birth Studies Association (a public interest incorporated association) in Japan, started supporting children & mothers in Kesennuma City just after the earthquake. Life & Birth Studies Association continually donates to 4 childcare institutions in Kesennuma City. Nanako also reports on the real life of Kesennuma’s children and their powerful resilience on NHK World Radio in 17 different languages each year on 11th March.

This time in Singapore, she will talk about her activities in areas affected by TSUNAMI, and what are the desperately-needed assistance for children & mothers. She will also share her passion and thoughts accumulated through engaging in making the film “Being Born”.

★Nurturing Future Generations Project
for East Japan 3 Prefectures (MIYAGI / FUKUSHIMA / IWATE) by Life & Birth Studies Association

“Nurturing Future Generations Projectis about providing educational program “Life & Birth Studies” and contraceptive-focused sex education by professional midwives to children in 19 elementary schools, 13 junior high schools and 3 high schools in Kesennuma City, MIYAGI Prefecure.

The aim of this project is to elevate children's individual self-esteem and support them to build a happy and loving family in the future. Another important purpose is to help reduce the high suicidal rate in Japan caused by unwanted pregnancy, abuse, isolation or depression.

Proceeds from this event (after deduction of expenses) will be used as the funds of this project. For more information about their CSR activities, please access http://tanjo.org/social-work/ (Japanese only)

[Nanako Oba Profile]
Nanako Oba is a Birth Coordinator, a director of “Life & Birth Studies Association” (a public interest incorporated association), and a director of Birth Sense Institute Co., Ltd. She began to take an interest in female physical ability and self-care when she first gave birth in 1987 and started learning childbirth preparations.
To educate the knowledge of pregnancy and to impart the value of human life to people in many generations, she established Birth-Coordinator training program by profession in 1997. Her educational program “Life & Birth Studies”, which strongly empowers parent & child to raise their self-esteem, is highly commended among government bodies, schools, PTA and many corporations in childcare industry. Nanako is a mother of 2 sons and 3 daughters.




大葉氏が代表を務める公益社団法人 誕生学協会では、気仙沼の児童関連施設4団体(教育委員会・健康増進母子支援センターすこやか・学童保育館・児童劇団うを座)への寄付を継続してきました。大葉氏は、毎年3月11日にNHK World Radio Japanより、気仙沼の子ども達のレジリエンス(精神的回復力)の様子を世界17か国語でレポートしています。

<東日本復興3県 未来の大人育てプロジェクト>


[大葉ナナコ プロフィール]
バースコーディネーター。公益社団法人誕生学協会代表理事。株式会社バースセンス研究所 代表取締役。1987年の初産時から女性の身体能力やセルフケアに関心を持ち、出産準備教育を学ぶ。多くの世代が妊娠出産の基礎知識やいのちの大切さを学べるようにと、1997年バースコーディネーター業を創職。自尊感情を高めるいのちの教育プログラム「誕生学」(商標登録)が行政、学校、PTA、育児支援企業に好評を博す。官公省庁の委員や、次世代育成のための官民各種プロジェクトに参画。著書は『えらぶお産』(河出書房)、『Life 誕生学の現場から』(ポプラ社)、『女がめざめる暮らし方~31のレシピ』(サンマーク出版)など多数。2男3女の母親でもある。


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Sep 26 - Sep 27, 2014
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27th September (Saturday) 10:00~12:30 Free Seating SOLD OUT $35.00
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